Good to Go

Hotel Hoppa is “Good to Go”

22 April 2021

We are pleased to announce that Hotel Hoppa now holds the ‘We’re Good To Go’ and ‘Safe Travels’ standard marks in recognition that our business is following government and industry COVID-19 guidelines.

As lockdown restrictions begin to ease and services begin to reopen, we want to encourage people to feel confident about returning to their local bus services again.

We have been working closely with Government bodies and transport authorities throughout the pandemic. We introduced many new processes to ensure we are doing everything possible to keep our staff & customers safe and our Visit England “We’re Good to Go” certification further highlights our commitment to maintaining these high standards moving forward.

We are now looking forward to welcoming more people back on-board.

As more passengers return to travelling, we can reassure you that social distancing measures will still be inplace on Hotel Hoppa services in line with Government guidelines. We continue to ask that passengers do not sit with people from other households, allow people to get off the bus before boarding and to keep space between themselves and others.                

On all buses, you will see that some seats are taped off and unable to be used and new lower capacity signage is being clearly displayed at the front of the bus.

Wearing a face covering in public areas has become a way of life for many in these times and until guidelines change, we continue to support the regulation of face coverings to be worn by all bus passengers, unless they are exempt. Your face covering should be worn fully – covering both your mouth and nose, for the entire duration of your journey, including when boarding and alighting. We have signage on our buses to communicate to passengers the importance of wearing a face covering and encourage everyone to be aware of the full government guidelines around this requirement.

We're asking passengers to keep windows open on the vehicle to allow fresh air to circulate around the bus and we do encourage everyone to carry hand sanitiser with them whenever they are out & about, to continue to protect themselves in public areas.

We have continued to encourage passengers to pay using cash-less methods as much as possible and have many alternative payment options available such as on-board contactless payment and pre-purchase m-tickets available on the Hotel Hoppa App.

We have adopted more intensive cleaning processes on vehicles with extra focus on touch points such as hand-rails and seat-backs and all drivers have an anti-bacterial disinfectant kit available in their cab.

As part of Rotala Plc and Hallmark Connections we were one of the first operators in the country to adopt pioneering daily Thermo-Fogging santisation across our whole fleet early last year. This procedure still continues every day, with every bus being sanitised each night after service with a tested disinfectant that remains effective against both Covid-19 as well as other viruses and bacteria for more than 24hrs. This ensures each vehicle is clean, virus free and protected each day. 

So whether you are looking forward to a shopping trip, meeting a friend for coffee or getting back to work - when you are ready to start returning to your regular travelling activities, we are here, we’re good to go and we are ready to welcome you back onboard. 

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