Step 1:
Log in & check ticket deals

Log in to your account using your mobile phone to see our range of mobile ticket deals.

Step 2:
Buy tickets

Select one or more tickets from the menu and choose your preferred payment method.

You can pay using debit or credit card.

Step 3:
Activate your ticket

When you're ready to use your ticket select the activate button.

Don't press this until you're ready to use your M-ticket as the countdown clock to the ticket expiry will begin as soon as this button is pressed.

Step 4:
Using your ticket

When you're ready to use your M-ticket simply present it to the driver or scan the QR Code against the on-board reader.

It is your responsibility to make sure your phone is charged up and provides clear readability of the ticket and your personal details including your uploaded photo.

If you access your ticket through the website portal, you can also save it to the homescreen of your phone to make it available offline.

Step 5:
Ticket Validation & Scanning

You may be required by the driver or one of our ticket inspectors to present your ticket for scanning by one of our barcode readers.

If you are required to do this please follow the instructions provided and show your ticket to the scanner.

Step 6:
Ticket expiry

When your M-ticket has expired a message will be displayed to alert you that the ticket is no longer valid for travel.